Monday, July 25, 2011

Pour one out for my Homie

My homes, Sparky Marquis.  $1 million worth of his wine got dropped all over the floor the other day.

Sparky is the owner of Mollydooker Wines, as well as the famous winemaker of Henry's Drive, Marquis Phillips, and Parson's Flat.  I met him twice when Willow hosted winemaker dinners in his honor.  Each was a spectacle and he utterly destroyed the order of service, ad libbing and starting auctions for large format bottles while hot food withered and died for his guests.  No matter, they were drunk and entranced by his charm and wonderful wine.   

Last time I saw him, I bought lots and lots of Mollydooker wine.  Lots, including two bottles of 2007 Velvet Glove.  This wine was so profound, I can barely describe it.  I'd never seen a winemaker able to load that much fruit onto a structure without it becoming flabby.  But this was thick and rich with black and blue berries, while still being alive and vibrant.  Parker gave it 98 points.  Cellar Tracker averages 95.

And now a forklift driver dropped every single bottle of 2010 bound for the US.  462 cases, one-third of the total production, about 1 million bucks.  Actually, we probably shouldn't be too sad for Sparky, he's insured.  I do feel bad for me and everyone else who won't be trying it, however.  "When they opened up the container they said it was like a murder scene, but it smelled phenomenal," said Marquis.

So I took a break from my highly acidic white studies to toast the man and his wine.  My Velvet Glove is going through a dumb period, so I chose The Carnival of Love Shiraz.

The wine is purple and opaque, with profound developing aromas of licorice, blackberries, tobacco, blueberries, black cherries, and spices.  It's dense, chewy, alcoholic, and not for the faint of heart.  It's one of the best wines out there.  I'm not pouring any out for my Homes, but I won't spit tonight.

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