Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anyone remember Reunite on ice?

I am a wine geek, but not a wine snob. ...or so I like to believe.  I think that Yellow Tail is remarkably good for the money.  I honestly believe that the Holy Grail of all wine is a great Pinot Noir for under $20.  And my favorite white wine, in any classification scheme, is an $11 Viognier-Chenin Blanc blend from Pine Ridge.  Inexpensive wine is my friend.

But there are limits.

Introducing for your consideration, a Champagne specifically designed to be watered down.  Moet Ice Imperial.

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  1. What was wrong with, you know, chilling the bottle and keeping it cool while consuming, the way mother used to do it? Although, to be fair, watering wine is an ancient tradition. Not like this though.