Friday, July 22, 2011

Homework - moving off the Riesling base

Maintaining my taste memory of Alsatian Riesling, I am branching out the the Loire, trying to locate dry Chenin Blanc in relation to Riesling. 

The first wine is pale gold in color.  Gold isn't a color I've seen yet in Alsace, but this is not-quite blind tasting and I have a Grand Cru here.  So Color isn't going to help that much.  The nose is vibrant and full of aromatics.  The acid is medium-plus.  I am leaning Riesling here.

The second wine is a pale lemon.  The intensity of aroma is lower, and includes lots of minerality.  The acid here is also medium-plus, but the flavors are more limited to lemon, stone, mineral.  There is an oily texture, however, similar to pinot gris, that pegs this one as the Vouvray.

Harder, but very tractable.

In an unrelated note, Willow contracted with a stained glass artist many years ago for some custom panes.  We've been sending him $500 here and there until he called and told us they were ready.  Check it out.

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