Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The big day

Just a quick one.  My WSET Advanced Test was tonight and it was hard.  I crushed the blind tasting, correctly identiying a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and a Barossa Shiraz.  I lost a few points on the multiple choice, but generally did well.  For example, I remembered Baga (black grape from Portugal) but forgot Viura (white blending grape from Rioja).  The short answers were pretty good, but I lost a few points on the climate conditions of South Africa and the effect of old vines on Pinotage.  I also had to Bullshit an essay on the difference between Rutherglen Muscat and Beaumes de Venise.  For my money, you shouldn't have a major essay based on a book chapter called "Other Sweet Wines."

But in all, I felt pretty good.  Dunno if I got enough points to pass with distinction, but I'm pretty sure I passed.

Next up, I prepare for the French Wine Scholar Exam, a hideously hard test full of French Wine Law questions.  Those Socialists have a rule for Everything!

I'm alo going to start my reading for September's WSET Diploma class on Viticulture and Vinification.

YES, I ama geek and I love to study!  Deal with it!


  1. Asking as one of those rare souls who likes the taste of Band-Aids in her wine, what is the effect of old vines on Pinotage?

  2. Just curious if you took the French Wine Scholar Exam. Hope you did, as I am thinking about doing that as well.

    Hit me back with an email if you could. Thanks.

    T. Zinselmeyer