Sunday, August 14, 2011

Custom Made Knife

A non-wine interlude from a professional chef. I have been on the waiting list to buy a Bob Kramer custom knive for 5 years. Kramer is a brilliant and creative master knife maker, and the only certified master who specializes in kitchen knives. He's pretty darn famous right now, having three exclusive lines of knives at Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma from Henckles and Shun.

The custom stuff is incredible, and incredibly expensive. But yesterday I received my knife. The specs were mine, but the artistry is all Kramer. Check this out.

Quite simply the most gorgeous knife ever.  I was tempted to just hang it on the wall, but instead I took it to work to put her through her paces.  The shape is a Japanese kiritsuke, really a slicer.  I used it to break down an 80-pound halibut, a bunch of salmon, and a tuna loin.  It was like butter.  And I'm a harsh critic to begin with - all of my knives are very high quality, most Suisin and Masanobu.  I regularly have arguments with my cooks about which powdered steel alloy makes the best core material...I'm a knife snob.

If you love cutlery and can wait five years, go ahead and put yourself on the waiting list.  You can spend that time learning how to use and care for it.


  1. That is an impressive, and beautiful knife. I covet Kramer's knives and have been on the wait list for over a year now.

  2. Found your blog from a Google search about Kramer knives. They really look like fine pieces of art. Im sure you don't want to get into specifics, but can you give a roundabout price of your knife? Thank You!

  3. Last time I checked, Kramer's prices were about $400 per blade inch, with nominal fees for some extras like fancy handle work. Of course, this is subject to change and he does have a years-long waiting list. So before you might get to the front, it could change. Hope that helps.