Saturday, June 11, 2011

Argyle Cowhouse Pinot Noir 2006

Attend to me, all you wine marketers and salespersons.  The following conversation actually took place between two wine drinking adults.

"Wine tonight?"
"Excellent, what are you thinking?"
"Something Spanish.  Prado Rey?"
"Nope, Can't find the corkscrew.  Think screwcap.  New World."

Of course, you could dismiss this as the ramblings of a wine guy who cannot find his damn corkscrew, but I guarantee it happens to real people too.  Screwcaps guys.  Vino-Lok.  Better closures, easier.

Okay, tasting note.

The wine is clear and the color is garnet with medium-plus intensity.  There is very little rim variation.  Legs and tears are noted.  The nose is clean, with medium intensity.  The aroma is developing, with secondary characteristics just beginning to show.  I appreciate red cherry, strawberry, cinnamon, violets and a touch of smoke.  The wine is dry, with medium acidity, low tannin and medium alcohol.  The body is medium-plus, big for a pinot.  The flavors are pronounced, and include Red cherries, black cherries, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and tobacco.  The finish is long.  This is an outstanding wine from a premium price category.  It is ready to drink but will continue to develop secondary flavors for a few years.  The lack of tannin and acidity, however, preclude long term aging.

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